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Dec 17, 2011

my 2nd post..with luv

emm.. again i'm here not as the belonger of this blog, but as her besties.. <3
honestly, i have no idea on what should i talk about today..

then, i decided to talk about live in other's places..

the feelings between holiday and study abroad would be totally different,for sure..
holiday just would be 4 a moment, however study abroad would involve a long of period,even
for a master student..

however both of this things to me are such a good things..
memangla ade orang cakap baik belajar @ b'cuti kat negara sendiri drpd idup kat negara orang..
but, setiap perkara ade kebaikannya..
sebagai contoh, as a muslim..
x semua negara kita boleh jumpa masjid mcm kat malaysia..
kita hidup dlm negara yg majoriti muslim..
kita x kan pernah rasa mcmmana muslim yg minoriti hidup
kat luar sana..

by holiday,and study abroad,of course we'll learn alot of thing..
i'll learn how to pray in the bus,pray at the bench in the street,at any places in the
aitport as long as it is clean,how to take wudhu' in the toilet..
everytime i did that for sure the people would stared strangely and thought of what we're
trying to do..

just ignored,we're not doing sumthing illegal,but if they asked,just explain,it's an
opportunity 4 us to let them know 'bout islam even a little bit..
once they saw the same action like that later..
the would explain it to their friends..
that's how islam can be known whole over the world..

sum1 used to told me 'bout going 4 umrah through british airways..
i'm amazed..
the pilot inform the passenger 'bout the miqat places..
the pilot is not a muslim but he could inform us 'bout such an important
thing 4 us,muslim..

be polite to them,
we heard that some of them have conflict with muslim, but not all of them..
once you're live there likes in u.k,u'll find that their citizens are totally much2 better in attitude,especially compare to malaysians..
i'm not defending them,but that's the truth..

it's true that some of them would stared at us strangely upside down,but who cares,
never felt ashamed with what we are holding on,wearing.

be stong on what we're are hold, socialize with them but not follow their ways..
it doesn't mean that we have to follow them to the club,or others..
stict to Allah..
jangan membelakangkan islam..

that's all 4 today, i just want to share a few things that i learn..
sorry kalau x menarik..

p/s: at this moment we're still in silence condition.
none of us are talking to each other yet..pray 4 me..luv u..

this are some picture of me during in brisbane..

this koala is concidered as u darl

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at this moment, i really want to be the coala cause i want to hung you :)