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Jul 18, 2013

special quotes !

Assalamualaikum readers :)

I believe everyone have their favorite quote, right? Or maybe someone will have more than one special quotes in their life. For me, it depend on what situation we faced. So today , I just want to share about my favorite quote. I think quote is a simple sentences but it will affect the way we think.

Okay, my favorite quote is "WHEN THE WORLD SAYS, GIVE UP.. ALLAH WHISPERS, TRY IT ONE MORE TIME". It gives me a hope .. and I believe Allah will always helps His servants. He is anywhere to hear what we want :)

Ramadan 2013 is very challenging for me. I always feel bad headache and sometimes I could not resist the pain. So, I just relax and divert my attention to other things so that I can forget the pain. Or sometimes I will cry to release the pain. I hope Ramadan next year will be better, insyaAllah :) and I hope I can be healthier and stronger to face any problem in my life. yaa :D


That's all for this entry . Salam Ramadan ~ selamat beramal :D see u next time ..

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