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Jul 28, 2013

Iftar and Ramadan :)

Assalamualaikum readers !

Today, my third brother,came back home and we have our sahur together. His name is Farid. He work as a policeman at Kuala Pilah. During our childhood, we always fight each other. I don't know why he is very annoying. And he don't like me. I thought it is because I am the youngest one in my family and I'm the only girl in my siblings. So he felt that everyone will love me more than him.. haha ! but the reality is my parents love all of us.. no pilih2 kasih :p We always fight and he likes to tease me.. and I just don't like it ! uh~ hahaha.. But, when we grown up, we become closer. He become more responsible, maybe.. but sometimes, he protect me.. yes, of course he will do that. he is my brother :) ok, enough about him..

So, today iftar is best :) because my future sister in law comes into my house and had iftar together. She also bring the cute Adam, her youngest brother. He is so cute! As usual, kid :) but he is very intelligent. He likes to speak even while eating. We were very happy while enjoying our meal because of his words. He is funny. I likes kid.

# Bulan Ramadan pun da hampir smpai ke penghujung.. insyaAllah, marilah kita sama2 berdoa agar Allah ampunkan setiap zarah dosa yang telah kita lakukan .. dan membersihkan semula diri kita daripada segala maksiat.. smoga Allah menerima taubat kita d'bulan Ramadan penuh keberkatan ni .. insyaAllah siapa yang melakukan amal pada malam lailatulqadar, maka Allah akan menggandakan setiap amalan yang kita lakukan sebanyak 80 kali. insyaAllah.. terima kasih Allah :) dan harap2 kita akan bertemu lagi Ramadan tahun depan.. insyaAllah.. *pesanan buat diri sendiri jgk :)

Thank u for reading, see u next time. Assalamualaikum ~

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